Saturday, 22 December 2007

'Tis the season to abandon game projects

I'm afraid blog posts here will be sufficiently less sufficient for the much-hyped holiday next Tuesday (and the rest of the week), but don't worry as I will still be continuing work on Slipslide 2... well, I'll be planning bits out in my head at times of boredom.

The game's release will probably come very soon after New Year; possibly even late January, as development's been going very well. The time which I'm calling the up-spike, when the game engine will be complete and all I need to do is churn out levels, is drawing near with all the acceleration of a disgruntled rhinoceros. And when that time comes, the game could be finished within the fortnight. The only real blockage slowing development down is the character sprite, which is proving incredibly difficult to do as none of us have any experience drawing top-down sprites (or any sprites whatsoever).

Development updates? Well, pausing in-game is entirely possible. The demo file now has a function which makes the game pause for a short period of time (music and all) when the player presses P. So once the pause menu is constructed it should slot right in to the main program. I still haven't fixed that bug with restarting that doesn't erase the old character position, but then it shouldn't be that hard. *coughs*

*nervous shuffling*

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