Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The beginnings of Penuine

"Penuine? What on Earth is that?!?", shout surprised readers (much to the annoyance of people nearby). Well, I decided the new Slipslide game engine needed a name, so I held a brainstorm with the ExeSoft staff. One of the ideas suggested by Oblenob was "Penguin", but he mis-typed it and ended up putting "Penuine". And it managed to stick. I actually think it's quite a good name; it's unique anyway. The pronunciation's still pending though. I'm thinking it'll be something like "pen-oo-een", with the "oo" sound being said very quickly.

So, now to address the "beginnings of" section of the title. Basically the level loader, updater and block sections are working, as proved by this simple demo:

Yes, it looks like it's exactly the same as what was going on in the demo, but it's actually what's called a black triangle - it doesn't look like much but the fact that it's not crashed down in flames shows that a complex system is functioning behind it. In this case, it's the inter-module communications and the data management. Now all it needs is a character and the basic game system will be complete. What I plan to do once that's done is take a break from the main game programming for a while so I can concentrate on designing the level creator application, and then I'll try using it myself to create some levels for the game.

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