Sunday, 9 December 2007

An RPG... in one single week

This is definitely the most amazing thing I've seen all week. One single person wrote a fully functional RPG game from scratch in a mere forty hours! They also documented their progress as they made it on this page in case you're interested in reading about the development process. You're probably wondering why anyone would try something so insane; well, to quote the original article:
"I did it because of a dare."
I've had a go at the final product myself, and I have to say it's incredibly well-made given it was done within the confines of a single working week. The game world consists of several rooms containing treasure chests (which contain money) and enemies (which will move to attack you). The enemies can be attacked or negotiated with, the latter of which involves bribing them in the hope that they'll leave you alone (an interesting yet odd feature to include). The fighting is all semi-realtime, in that you choose attacks from a menu but the enemy can attack you if you spend too much time faffing around. It's pretty well-done with lots of factors determining the amount of damage done by and to each participant including attack power, defense, armour and experience. All these are displayed in a status window on the right.
The controls are quite different from what you'd expect as well, instead of the standard WASD or arrow key control you point and click with your mouse to make your character move. In a spiffy extra touch, the character on-screen actually rotates to follow your mouse as you move it around. The character doesn't actually move though; instead it stays in place
and everything else moves relative to it on the screen. The enemy movement is a bit iffy unfortunately, as they jump in steps of 20 pixels or so every half-second. This makes fighting them a bit strange at times, but the fact that they can even move is still enough to amaze someone new to PyGame like me. I still don't have a clue what any of the thousands of lines of code actually do!
Unfortunately there wasn't time to include any sounds in the g
ame, so it's completely silent throughout. In fact there were many features that had to be missed out due to time constraints; yet despite this the game is still incredibly well-made and surprisingly fun for something that was so rushed. However, I think if ever I were faced with such a challenge then I would probably go for something more along the lines of a Pong remake, there's a reason RPGs take years and massive groups of people to develop.

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