Tuesday, 4 December 2007

And so it begins

Welcome to the first post in the new ExeSoft blog; which has been created mainly to condense our randomly-placed update pages into one single page, thus removing the need to spend twenty minutes searching for the relevant page to update every time we make progress with something. Unless you've made it here through a link on our main website, it's likely you don't actually know what ExeSoft is.
    ExeSoft is a name used to represent a small group of amateur programmers who have decided to collaborate in order to produce awesome applications, spiffy scripts and great games. In other words, us. We first became ExeSoft several months ago, and in the period wrapped by now and then we have produced a plaintext editor with leetspeak translation capabilities, a very powerful unit converter and a task management application. All of the above were developed using wxPython, a module for the Python programming language which can be used to create cross-platform programs with graphical user interfaces. The mentioned programs are all open-source (you can get the python source code if you wish) and can be downloaded from www.exesoft.co.nr.
    Our next goal is to master the art of game production using a powerful Python module named PyGame
. As I type this, none of us are at all experienced with said module. Being new to games creation, the next few weeks (at the very least) are going to be spent getting to grips with this tool. Which brings me on to this blog's temporary topic.
    While we learn to use PyGame, we will all document our progress and discoveries here, in the hope that it may one day be a useful resource to other "n00bs" in finding a foothold to start from. Ultimately, we are hoping to create an enjoyable game by the name of SlipSlide (but that's all I'm going to disclose at the moment...). And on that note, I shall depart; leaving yet another bandwidth-consuming blog in my wake.

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