Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy new year!

And, indeed, happy new decade. You'll have to excuse the slight (nine-day) lateness of this post; I was busy forgetting to post. Or something to that effect. The point is... well, non-existent, actually.

However, those of you fearing for the safety of this post as it rapidly descends into pointless blabbering may freely clamber out from behind the sofa, because I have news! News most auspicious in nature. News pertaining, once again, to university applications. What news, you ask? Well, after a somewhat epic wait, I've just yesterday learned that I've got an offer from Cambridge! Don't ask me how...

And for some absurd reason it's actually a good bit easier than the Imperial one (which, you may recall, was inhumanely cruel at A1AAA):
  • Advanced Higher Maths and Physics: AA
  • Advanced Higher English and Higher History (any order): AB
Glorious, is it not? True, it's still a pretty difficult offer. But I honestly believe I can manage this one, whereas the Imperial one seemed much more uncertain. So, in all likelihood, Cambridge will be my firm choice when it comes to decision time. And English is the subject I plan to get a B in, naturally (although even then it'll still be the hardest grade to meet this year).

So, time for an update on the overall situation methinks:

Cambridge (Jesus college) - Offer (AAAB)
Imperial College London - Offer (A1AAA)
Edinburgh - Unconditional offer
Glasgow - Unconditional offer
St. Andrews - Acknowledged

Yup, that's right - St. Andrews are still not replying. But then, the only point in waiting for them at this stage is sheer petty perfectionism (if they said yes I would have five offers!), so it's fairly likely I'll just give in and make the decision fairly soon. My plan is to set Cambridge as my firm choice, with Edinburgh as the insurance - that way if I don't manage to meet the (relatively meetable) offer I have an unconditional backup, and can safely fail all my exams without fear of not going to university at all. Hoorah!

And so ends the first of what will hopefully be many frequent posts this year. Yes, okay, stifle your laughs; I'll at least try to post frequently. It's not a new year's resolution, as if it were then I'd already have broken it with this ludicrously late post. However, it's a goal towards which I shall strive with all the tenacity and will I can muster, whether it be that of a devoted soldier or an injured snail with attention deficit disorder. We shall see in due course.