Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Final (Dimensional) Frontier

Today, I set foot where no Exesoft member has gone before, to a dimension so complex that few dare even to speak its name. Indeed, it has been rumoured that if you were to enter its abstruse domain, you would surely be smashed apart by the mass of gigantic matrices.
Of course, it is impossible for us mere mortals to ascertain whether or not it would pan out that way, but one thing is certain: to think o
f it is to lose one's sanity.

Yes, the dimension of which I speak is none other than THE THIRD DIMENSION.

Consider yourself forewarned, as the image which you are about to behold will almost certainly strike cold terror into your very soul, drive madness into your being and enshroud your sleep in a dusky cloak of raw horror. This is no time for feigned bravery. No amount of courage nor strength of will could possibly prepare you for the nightmarish sights you will see in... that place.

All hope abandon, ye who enter here.

Perhaps I was excessively grandiloquent. But still, it's a feat which I once didn't think I would accomplish. The cube you see is animated - it spins about its x and z axes, under the command of a 3*3 matrix. What I intend to add to it now is a means of also translating the cube (4*4 matrices, to be precise), so that multiple cubes can be spinning around all over the screen (each spinning around its own axes instead of the global ones, as happens now). Also, it needs to be modified so that the camera can be moved - I'm still not sure how to project the vertices onto an arbitrary camera plane. But that's for the future.

I apologise for any mental scarring you may have incurred whilst looking at the image. You were warned.