Friday, 2 May 2008


I only just noticed how old the last post here actually is; the update-rate seems to have decreased exponentially now that exams have taken over. However, for now at least, all that is going to change. After an epic silence, I have finally returned from the Pit of Procrastination bearing news!

First, Slipslide 2. In the last post you may have noticed that it had reached a brick wall of sorts, in that it was running like Windows Vista on an Apple II. Luckily,
illume was able to show me how to fix it:
"if you're on windows pygame now uses the windib (GDI) driver instead of the directx one by default.

We had to do this for compatibility with, funnily enough, vista :)

You can do the following, and it should become similar to before...

import os
os.environ['SDL_VIDEO_DRIVER'] = 'directx' "

So as a result, Slipslide is now running as it did before - well, visually at least. The sound still crackles and pops constantly, but apparently there is a fix for it:
"I think some nice people have found and fixed the sound crackling...

You can try it out with the development builds of pygame here:"

I intend to try this out when I have time, hopefully it should solve the problem.

Meanwhile, a few folders away from Slipslide 2, I have been working on getting my music on the Internet. My new site, which is mostly finished now, can be found at Feel free to have a listen, although the sound quality isn't perfect due to downsampling by (so the files don't take up too much bandwidth).