Sunday, 27 September 2009

Switching to freeglut

As you may know if you follow ExeSketch's launchpad page, I recently decided to use freeglut instead of GLUT for the project. As luck would have it, the process of switching over only really involved replacing a few '#include's - although I had to rename several of my constants as they apparently conflicted with freeglut ones.

This means I can now process events like turning the scrollwheel on the mouse, or click-dragging with a modifier key held down - events which were
inexplicably missing from GLUT. However, it turns out GLUT is actually about ten years out of date, so I suppose scrollwheels probably didn't exist when the last GLUT version was released.

In other news, B├ęzier curves are well and truly on their way! I finally got some code written today, which includes all the drawing functions, some basic event handling, and a sufficient helping of behind-the-scenes faffery. Here's a screenshot:

More next time!

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