Saturday, 12 September 2009

It's excuse time!

Why, you may cry, are the posts so elusive? Well here's an excuse, hopefully not too obtrusive:
School again. Well, this time it's not so much school as the preparation for leaving it: I've been spending a lot of time messing around at university open days (descending on unexpectant cities and causing trouble) and attempting to write a personal statement for applications (playing Tetris and occasionally glancing over at the empty OpenOffice document with a slight twinge of impending doom), and naturally this has slightly impeded my posting prowess.

It's also caused a stagnation in the ExeSketch production line; you may have noticed that the recent commits have mainly been small feature additions and bugfixes. However, do not fear for ExeSketch. My solution is simple: the Bézier milestone shall have to be pushed back by one week, which (shoddy though it may seem) will provide ample time for me to get a perfectly functioning Bézier object working. How can I guarantee this? I can't - I'm the least reliable target-setter on the face of the blogoweb. But next week will probably be a (comparatively) quiet one, and so by setting myself this extended deadline I will hopefully encourage myself to actually get the thing done.

Until then, goodbye!

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