Saturday, 5 September 2009

New demo video! (Slightly belated...)

Greetings once more! Apologies for the prolonged absence, other commitments got in the way of updating this blog (they also stole my lunch money). Today I arrive with a video in tow; yes, it's the new ExeSketch demo video:

ExeSketch Demo 3 from Animatinator on Vimeo.

So, what's new? Well, I've mastered the Sony Vegas 'Light Rays' effect. And I've still not had to illegaly use a piece of commercial music in any of my demo videos (the "Animatinator 2008" folder is serving me well). But what of ExeSketch?

Well, to begin with, all three of the "basic-objects" objects are in (Rect, Polygon and Circle), and working rather nicely. More significantly, however, the program has gained the beginnings of an interface: the shape that will be added on right-click can be selected from a little menu on the left, with spiffy icons drawn by James the Graphics Man (and made pixellated by myself and OpenGL - I intend to fix this, however). This menu is fully customisable (from within the code, anyway) - it can be any size, hold any number of buttons, of whatever size and spacing you (the programmer, that is) feel like applying, and it can run either horizontally or vertically. Its position can also be set, which could potentially allow for draggable menus (although James is advising me against that).

Since the release I've updated the object menu further to turn it into a generic ButtonMenu class which can be used for any selection of radio buttons (ie a list of buttons from which just one is selected at all times), and so it could also be used for creation of a menu that switches between the object view and editing modes, or changes how an object is drawn (alternating between fill, wireframe and points).

And now, with the "basic-objects" release done, the next significant milestone is the implementation of Bézier curves. Which might prove tricky, given that Bézier code made up most of the original CurveDraw source code. But this time, I have the advantage of knowing what I'm doing (or at least being more sure of it than I was last time).

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