Monday, 11 February 2008

Version 0.67!

Yes, we now have a version numbering system!
Well, a lot has been done recently. First off, there's a proper character sprite now! You can see it in the screenshot at the top.

Also, after A LOT of battling with Python, character animation is fully implemented! The character now slips, slides and even turns whilst you navigate your way around the levels.This was done by making a module which loads a filmstrip-style image containing all the frames of the character's animation, then splitting them up and returning them as an array. The character then sets its own image to the next in this array every few frames, going back to the first one when it reaches the end, so a cycle begins. When it stops, it stays on frame 1, and when it turns left, right or down the image displayed is rotated as necessary.

And last but not least, Slipinator (the level editor) is almost complete. The levels made with it are now playable in-game as well! So, now we just need a level intros system and then we're looking at the final stretch.

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