Friday, 8 February 2008

Project Penuine is still alive!

Although it may seem to be dead from the serious lack of updates recently...
So what's been going on to warrant such a lapse in blog activity? Well, not all that much, unfortunately. I've been mainly working on my new music website, Besides that, I've been documenting existing Penuine code with massive amounts of comments to make certain that the code is readable, and also doing some work on the level editor. As the level editor is the only change that is visible, I'll explain that now. Behold a screenshot! And you HAVE to view this one full-size to actually see it properly. Click away!

First, the visible stuff. I've done some new images for it to use, still a work in progress at the moment but they're basically finished. Also added is the option to turn off the grid which is overlaid onto the level. You'll see in the screenshot that there is now a nifty toolbox too, that's where the draggable character and finish point objects will be. You simply drag and drop them onto the grid, and it's done!

As the "Open level" dialog suggests, saving and loading of levels is fully functional too. Loading them in-game will prove problematic until a character and finish point can be added, but that's next on the list. Files can also be renamed, and the current level's title is shown in the window caption.

Right now I'm working on implementing holes, and then I'll finally get around to putting in the drag and drop functionality which will make adding the character, finish point and other objects possible.

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