Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's brief update time, chaps!

Because I'm far too lazy to write anything of length at the moment. Why, you ask? Aah, well that is to be explained in this very post. Well, this paragraph-post. Yes, that's right - I intend to do it all in one paragraph. Mwaha! Brevity is at the soul of my wit, certainly. And tediousness adorns its limbs and outward flourishes. But let that go. To reach pertinently for the point of the paragraphical post, I shall share with you my progress through the realm of examinations. Well, English is still done (although I don't recall whether I mentioned it or not, and can't be bothered checking), and Maths has followed suit. The latter was, to re-use a phrase, glorious and victorious. And just this very day, History too joined the list of exams gone by, in what was actually a relatively painless exam. There were iffy parts, and there were magnificent parts, and overall my hope is that these two extremes of performance shall wed in splendorous fashion producing a final result of an A. So now all that remains in terms of exams is good old Physics on Friday, for which I am doing a bit of revision even as I type. And once that has passed, and been passed, I shall be free! Free, to... get a job. Alas.

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