Sunday, 30 May 2010

Exams are done!

Yep, that's right. No more high school exams, ever. Physics made its magnificent way onto the 'done' pile on Friday (in a most successful fashion), leaving me free to faff about whilst I wait for the results to come out.

Soo, I'll probably have to code something at some stage. On that front, I've been wandering around my 'code' folder to see what's what, and it appears that all that remains to be done to finish GraviQuest completely is the last level's layout file. And it's already been started. So essentially, once I manage to finish that one level, GraviQuest should be ready for release! I'll be sure to update here when it is.

And, at the same time, I've been wandering around the 'imagination' folder within my brain, seeking out ideas for a project to fill posts here with. And I'm pleased to say that I have found just the thing. It has all the shiny spiffiness and questionable purposefulness you will have come to expect from an ExeSoft program, whilst simultaneously being a pleasant break from the norm. However, I shalln't be disclosing the precise nature of this secret (as of right now) project yet. Mwaha. But you can probably expect to see something of it in my next post, which incidentally will be this blog's hundredth! Terrifying thought, isn't it? I've been wittering into space for almost two and a half years, posting an average of once every 9.2 days (it was once every two or three days when the blog began...), and in that time (assuming an average of 400 words per post) I've written almost 40,000 words. One of these days I'll have to publish it all as some form of book on how to blog unsuccessfully, or perhaps as a non-standard novel exploring the issues of insanity and procrastination. The options are endless... or beginningless. But anyway. Secret projects call! And of course GraviQuest grovels, begging to be finished. Good bye!


  1. I didnt know where to put this but, for the exesoft website you cant download any of the software on there

  2. Aah, sorry about that. The file host must have vanished off the face of the intertubes. Happens surprisingly frequently these days.
    I've actually stopped updating that site anyway; I've pretty much entirely moved over to this blog now. That does of course leave nowhere for the programs to be downloaded from, so I'm on the lookout for somewhere (ideally more reliable than the previous place) to store them all. When I find somewhere I'll link to it from the sidebar on the right.