Sunday, 2 March 2008

The silence is broken!

If you visit this blog frequently, you may have noticed a complete lack of anything at all over the last two weeks. Don't worry, the Slipslide 2 project is not dead. But time has been short, even more so than normal, and the exams have been coming thick and fast.

I have recently invested in Image Line's FL Studio 7 XXL for producing the game's music, which allows for much better instrument sounds and sound quality, as well as compression, stereo separation and parametric equalisation which all help make the music sound much better. The powerful synthesisers included also mean that I can use it to make the sound effects as well. With this extra power at my disposal, I have now started work on the remainder of the songs which will be required by the game - I hope to post some of these here in the near future.

The release date is, as always, still hazy. I'm estimating about a month or so, but you can never really tell with these sorts of projects. Whatever happens, I'm sure that I will still hit my "spring 2008" target which I set at the beginning of the project - "spring" gives me a good few months' leeway thankfully!

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