Saturday, 8 March 2008


Having written a few tunes, I decided that it was time to start on the rest of the levels. So, I now have a layout for level 3 (which is set in Slipsville, Dan's hometown) and have started the background (digitally painted in the GNU Image Manipulation Program). So far, I have a lone building in a vast field of grey:

As you can see I'm going for a fairly cartoony style with this. The building currently casts no shadow, but that'll be fixed as soon as there's something to cast a shadow onto.
In this level, there will be three main buildings at the front, a large square at the top-left and an airport at the back, with a runway on the right of it. The object of this level is to get Dan from his house to the airport, where he hopes to catch a flight to Antarctica. Naturally all doesn't go to plan, but that's a story for later on...

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