Saturday, 19 January 2008

Pause menu now working - with perfect alpha!

After many an epic duel, I've finally got the pause menu to display. Well, the background anyway. The rest will come in time. For now, behold the screenshot!

As you can see, the character and level are partially visible through it! That's the incredible power of per-pixel alpha in action there. Thanks go to Pash for the making the amazing image of course.

The per-pixel alpha didn't come easily unfortunately; it's taken a lot of faffing to get it to work. For a long time it was drawing it with absolutely no alpha whatsoever, and there were nasty pixellated sections everywhere. However, it turned out to be caused by simply forgetting to update the background behind it each frame - so the pause menu was being drawn on top of itself again and again, which naturally would eliminate all transparency after a few frames. I fixed it by adding one single line to the pausemenu module. That's programming for you.

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