Sunday, 27 January 2008

Level intro text box demo

I've now finished a working demo of the text box system that will be used in the level intros module. Using a bit of nifty programming, I've created a system that builds a text box from four images; the two top corners, a 1*24 pixel image to tile between them and a 1*2 pixel image to tile across the rest of the area. I also coded a spiffy effect that makes it fade in whilst expanding when the intro scene first starts - and although this is impossible to properly show through screenshots, I'll have a go...

When the scene starts:

When it's finished fading and expanding:

To see the box properly you really need to view it full-size by clicking it; the scaled-down versions above lose all the detail and look almost plain blue, whereas full-size there are lots of nifty details. There's also a transparency effect that'll be visible when I put the animated clouds in the background (coming soon!).

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