Saturday, 19 January 2008

The finished pause menu

And now it's complete!
It now renders text, and has clickable options for continuing and quitting. Also, it's draggable so you can place it in any part of the screen. This could be useful when you want to look around the level while the game is paused. It also looks incredibly cool, which is the main reason I developed it that way - now Slipslide has a Windows Vista-esque interface! Yaay!
But my words probably mean nothing to you without a screenie, so here you go:
Unfortunately the scaled-down image above doesn't do proper justice to the menu; click it to view full-size with all the subtle yet nifty effects visible.

With this done, we just need a proper character and animation to be implemented before we can finally release gameplay screenshots outside of this development blog. And at that point, it'll be less than a month before the final game is complete!

The countdown begins...

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