Sunday, 8 November 2009

Once more out of the gloom

It's time for...

So, what's new this time?
Well, to start off with, here's the UCAS application situation:

Cambridge - Acknowledged, and allocated to Jesus college
Imperial College London - newly-added choice; invited for interview
Edinburgh - Acknowledged
Glasgow - Unconditional offer!
St Andrews - Acknowledged

So even if all four of my other choices reject me, I can at least go to Glasgow!
Annoyingly I have a long wait before I'll hear anything else. Edinburgh and St Andrews have both explicitly said they won't make any decisions until the UCAS application deadline (15th January) at the earliest, and St Andrews is notorious for not telling anyone whether they're in or not until the absolute last minute. I believe Cambridge don't generally send out interview invitations until around the end of November, so it'll be a while before I hear anything from them (I'll update here when I do).

Imperial College, however, have been terrifyingly quick to reply. I added them to my application just last Saturday, and received the invitation to interview on the Wednesday! It's for Wednesday the 18th, which from now gives me around nine days to get ready - master all the maths I've done in school, and be AWESOME at everything I've even hinted at on my personal statement. This as well as working out how to get down to London in time for the early afternoon interview without spending too-many-hundred pounds. Slightly worrying, but it's thankfully being counterbalanced by the still-strong 'yaaaay, I got an interview' feeling.

Once again I'm terribly sorry about the lack of any ExeSketch progress, but at the moment I'm going to have to focus on being able to explain how I did it instead of coding ahead on regular polygons. However, I do have an algorithm for regular polygons worked out in my head. It's just yet to adopt any tangible manifestation.

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