Monday, 24 August 2009

Soon, my friends, there will be polygons...

Today saw a rather large amount of code being added to the Polygon class; it has now reached the point where such objects can be added to the drawing and taken in and out of edit mode. However, you can't actually edit them yet. And the function for testing to see if the mouse is within the polygon isn't done yet either. However, the fact that it draws without crashing the program is a miracle in itself.

As well as this, I messed around with some classes a bit and now, when you zoom the view, the editing handles scale also so that they remain the same size in physical pixels. This means that editing from a great distance is no longer the microscope-waggling affair it once was, and for that reason large-scale doodlers everywhere can breathe a unanimous sigh of relief.

To those still awaiting the slightly-hyped continuation of the ExeSketch Explanation, allow me to unequivocally unshroud the undeniable TRUTH: 'tis no abandoned series; I simply have not yet made my way around to doing it. It's in the works though. I've got the Blogger draft to prove it.

So, with a random fling of today's code changes in the general direction of my reading audience, with the expectancy that someone will grab it and give it to an arbitrary infant as a chew-toy serving as cause for my retention of the more awesome finished Polygon code (to be completed by next post) in my pocket, I take the customary means of leave by the leftmost end of the stage. Good night, or good morning; feel free to substitute a time zone-corrected greeting as it pleases you.


  1. this is cool and all, but what happened to slipslide?

  2. Ah, that's another thing I haven't updated people on. The release is being massively postponed at the moment due to problems with sound in the current pygame and the length of time it's taking me to get the levels finished (it takes longer than I'd expected to make backgrounds that fit to the grid properly). There are also a few gameplay issues needing resolved as well.

    Basically, it's on hiatus at the moment - I'll update on it again as soon as I get the project sorted and back on track. It's good to see people haven't forgotten it, anyway :-)

  3. hey, if you need me to make some more backgrounds, just holler man