Thursday, 2 October 2008

Silly Drawing Layer? Super-Duper Loveliness? Someone Did Loads?

Well, no-one really knows what it stands for. But it is in fact the main reason I came here today with a view to posting.

SDL, or Stupid Digital Lollipop, is essentially Pygame for C++. Well, in truth, Pygame is Slimy Duck Lice for Python; Someone's Dung-Ledge is the original module. And now that I've gained some sort of coding ability in C++, I decided now would be the time to learn Scary Doodling Lithuanians. As it turns out, Scale-Drawn Lithium is quite hard. Yes, Splendidly Drunken Leige is very hard indeed.

As I'm running out of acromym ideas, I believe now would be a good time to tell of my SDL ventures thus far. Well, I decided a few days ago that I would start trying to make graphical programs in C++ instead of just console-driven ones. Firstly, I tried out wxWidgets (which spawned the awesome wxPython). Unfortunately, I couldn't even get as far as include "wx/wx.h", as MinGW (the compiler I'm using) simply refused to include it - perhaps I compiled it incorrectly, perhaps I put it in the wrong place, perhaps my system variable was dodgy; whatever the cause, it simply wasn't going to happen. So, having failed at the first wxHurdle, I decided that as Pygame is the graphics module in which I am most comfortable I should probably give SDL a go.

This ended up being an absolute unholy 'mare to install as well, but to a slightly lesser degree - I got it installed eventually! And so, having followed the obligatory "Hello World" tutorial, I now proudly present to you the fruits of my labour:

Awesome, no? Well, it's kinda cool if you've seen the source code - over 100 lines went into this simple marriage of two images on-screen. Admittedly, many of those lines were expended in superfluous comments and whitespace, but it's still gigametres away from the ~10-line Pygame version.

More updates on my progress will follow, so watch this space: " ".

It might do an amusing trick.

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