Saturday, 4 October 2008

Everybody Play the Game

So, as has been tradition for a while now, the updates here have gone all sparse again - although the last post was but two days ago, the one before is weeks old. So once again, I'm aiming to change that, the only way I know how...
A progress update!

Now, the last time I posted, I mentioned that I was learning SDL. This has been continuing, but now there is a goal - I'm trying to create a C++ implementation of Conway's Game of Life. So far, I've been battling with the most confusing errors under the sun for almost 270 lines' worth of coding, and after fixing The Strangest Two Bugs Ever To Crop Up Directly One After The Other Just To Annoy Me this morning I have got a working command-line version up and running! Here's a nice and shiny demo of it, straight from the new ExeSoft Vimeo page:

Keep watching for an SDL interface soon!

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