Sunday, 7 September 2008

Scroll on!

I've developed the SSSSSS (Sepcialised System for Super-Shiny Square Scaling) algorithm further, and it can now handle scrolling! To celebrate, I implemented scrolling in the original demo. So now, with the mouse on the far right of the screen you'll see the images on that side, and as you move the mouse left the grid will scroll to reveal those on the left!

As promised, the equation thingy has increased in complexity somewhat. In fact, it could probably do with a bit of tidying up. But here it is anyway, for your viewing pleasure:

You're probably best viewing this one full-size. Just click as always.
Tomorrow I intend to make this work with actual images (insert exclamation of shock here), so keep refreshing this page every few seconds!

Or I suppose you could just come back and check tomorrow.

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