Sunday, 14 September 2008

Getting closer...

The first release of ShinyPic is drawing ever nearer; all that remains is to add panning to the full-size viewer and add a way of letting the user choose a folder to load images from.

However, the former is turning into a major challenge as my standard mouse-scroll-system, which I used not only on the tile view but on the Slipslide 2 main menu, is causing strange glitches such as the image being drawn a good thirty pixels to left of where it probably should be. I'm thinking this is probably due to me using it to calculate the wrong position - the image centre position and the actual draw position are easy to confuse here.

With any luck, I'll get it fixed today and then start thinking about the latter of the two objectives: loading from a user-specified folder. For this, I may need to develop some sort of folder browser which is opened when the user clicks a button; however, I'm not certain how the browser will work or where to place the button. A few minutes ago I had the 'brilliant' idea of placing it at the same side as the text and keep it on the opposite side of the screen to the mouse so that it can never obscure any images, but this fantastic approach fell flat on its face seconds later when I realised that the user would therefore never be able to click it. So it's back to the drawing board on that one.

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