Thursday, 10 December 2009

Imperial college verdict

I got an offer! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, etc. I'm rather surprised actually, as I've spent the last week or so gradually lowering my estimation of how well I did and by the time I opened the letter (which, ominously, was small and white) I was already certain of being rejected. 'Twas a pleasant surprise indeed.

Unfortunately, it's rather harsh:
  • A band 1 in Maths (Advanced Higher)
  • A in Physics (Advanced Higher)
  • A in English (Advanced Higher)
  • A in History (Higher)
Yes, they want As in EVERYTHING. And Maths has to be a band 1 - the very best A you can possibly achieve. Doable? Perhaps. English is still a bit of a pain though.

So, how did Cambridge go? Well, that'll have to wait for tomorrow when I have the energy to write anything of length. I just gave my entire brain-usage quota for the day to Cambridge. It wasn't too bad though; indeed, the second interview was glorious. Returning home to find a nice shiny offer from a university I was already mentally crossing off as a failure topped off the evening nicely, and has killed my short-term memory thus making me forget all the specifics of what went down in Cambridge, so even if I had the energy to write I probably couldn't recount the day's escapades just now. Watch this space, if you can be bothered at this time of night.

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