Friday, 2 May 2008


I only just noticed how old the last post here actually is; the update-rate seems to have decreased exponentially now that exams have taken over. However, for now at least, all that is going to change. After an epic silence, I have finally returned from the Pit of Procrastination bearing news!

First, Slipslide 2. In the last post you may have noticed that it had reached a brick wall of sorts, in that it was running like Windows Vista on an Apple II. Luckily,
illume was able to show me how to fix it:
"if you're on windows pygame now uses the windib (GDI) driver instead of the directx one by default.

We had to do this for compatibility with, funnily enough, vista :)

You can do the following, and it should become similar to before...

import os
os.environ['SDL_VIDEO_DRIVER'] = 'directx' "

So as a result, Slipslide is now running as it did before - well, visually at least. The sound still crackles and pops constantly, but apparently there is a fix for it:
"I think some nice people have found and fixed the sound crackling...

You can try it out with the development builds of pygame here:"

I intend to try this out when I have time, hopefully it should solve the problem.

Meanwhile, a few folders away from Slipslide 2, I have been working on getting my music on the Internet. My new site, which is mostly finished now, can be found at Feel free to have a listen, although the sound quality isn't perfect due to downsampling by (so the files don't take up too much bandwidth).


  1. you know this was months ago was the project canceled or something? if not just tell us if something happened even if its like you screwed up and your computer exploded and you didnt back up your files and had to start all over

  2. Well, not really cancelled, I actually forgot about it during the school exam period and then started doing other things after the exams...
    I do still intend to finish it at some point (it was getting close to completion anyway!), but I don't have much spare time these days for a variety of reasons. However, I'll be sure to post when I make further progress :-)